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Please review all the material here and start your process for qualification to bid on Moorefield Construction, Inc. Projects. Before you get started please make sure you have the following information handy to complete the application. Here you will find Moorefield Construction, Inc. prequalification online form. If you prefer to fill out the form and fax/E-Mail then please

1. Federal Employer ID Number / Federal Tax ID number.

2. Annual average volume of work performed over the past 3 years.

3. Copy of your last OSHA logs.

4. References from at least 3 suppliers.

5. Broker information including bonding capacity per job, date of last bond and rate.


Existing bidders who have already qualified should Click Here.

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Thank you for your interest in bidding with Moorefield Construction, Inc! To get started, please fill out the following information to be added into our system. We will then contact you with login information.

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We at Moorefield use Bidmail as our primary bidding source. If you are unfamiliar with Bidmail, please go to to register & download. It’s free and Easy! Thanks, we look forward to working with you.

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