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Design and Planning

A necessary step in reaching your project goals is our involvement from the beginning of the process. We recommend a series of meetings with the owner and architect so that the team can provide feedback on the most cost effective and efficient design. Additionally, these meetings will help identify project milestones as they relate to schedule, budget, site conditions entitlement approval process, and completion deadlines. Initially the Moorefield Construction, Inc. team will attend meetings with the architect, engineers, and consultants to develop and identify the scope of work. The project manager

Value Engineering

The Moorefield Construction, Inc. team representatives will be responsible for evaluating methods and materials to ensure the team is designing the most cost effective project. Details of the structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and civil elements of the project will be analyzed for alternates, which will be presented to the project team for their review. Moorefield Construction, Inc. takes great pride in its ability to produce a state of the art project at the most competitive price.


Moorefield Construction, Inc. understands the importance of maintaining a schedule and will approach a project as follows:

At the beginning of the project, Moorefield Construction, Inc. will produce a master project schedule showing the construction tasks. This schedule will be updated monthly. Each phase of the project will have its own schedule (i.e. site and shops). The schedule is mailed out to the developer, architect, and subcontractors.

On a weekly basis, the jobsite superintendent will produce a schedule forecasting the next three weeks. The three-week schedule will be more detailed than the master schedule. This schedule is usually prepared by Monday morning and faxed to the developer and subcontractors.


Moorefield Construction, Inc. will review all relevant preliminary information in order to prepare a project specific conceptual estimate. Design development drawings will be reviewed as well as consultant reports (i.e. soils reports, phase I conditions of approval, and tenant criteria). A line item budget will be produced using historical cost data. Select subcontractors may be consulted. The project budget will be updated as project information matures and becomes available.




The Moorefield Construction, Inc. team will review the construction drawings for clarity and confirmation of previously agreed upon structural and architectural elements. Additionally, Moorefield Construction, Inc. will review tenant construction requirements and review the civil, architectural, and landscape drawings. A red line set of plans with comments will be produced and relayed to the architect for inclusion with city plan check comments.

Bidding Subcontracting

After the project has been designed and construction documents are prepared, Moorefield Construction, Inc. will assist the architect in preparing bid documents for subcontractor bidding. Moorefield Construction, Inc. will meet with the owner to submit and review a list of subcontractors who would be invited to bid. Moorefield will provide all the information necessary for the subcontractors to prepare a comprehensive bid.

Moorefield Construction, Inc. will provide the owner with a final analysis of subcontractor bids that we believe will produce a successful project. The owner would be invited to help in the selection of the subcontractors should they wish. Working with qualified subcontractors is a paramount concern in maintaining quality of workmanship and scheduling.

Moorefield Construction, Inc. has had success on various projects, with build and design assisted subcontractors. Their inclusion can speed the construction drawing process and their field experience lends value to the engineering process.

Plan Coordination

will be brought into the process when working drawings are 60% complete. Early inclusion of the project manager ensures a smooth transition into construction.

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